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Sonoma Company was established in 2004. From the outset we have focused around a young and dynamic team who works with a passion for creating modern, beauty and spa centers. With attractive design, with the development of different models and modern technology, the company occupies a leading positionamong importers and manufacturers of equipment in the country.

 Recently the company expanded and began to carry out export its products to neighboring countries such asRomania, Greece, Serbia and Macedonia.

With our experience we can offer you professionalism, flexibility and convenience of our employees. Now we offer almost 20 lines of business collections developed by Panda design, to meet the most demanding customers.

We offer guaranteed quality of supplies, interior design and competitive pricesrecommended by Panda.
It was established in Bulgaria only after warranty service, which stocked each piece of equipment.


pedichiura SP

pedichiura SP

Price: 120.00лв.

Price: 95.00лв.

Price: 130.00лв.